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substrate and cleaning

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hi i was wondering what woud be the best substrate for darts and plants.i am using a 50/50 mix of bed a beast and orchid bark and my plants are planted but i am wondering after awhile that damp smell will create mold and bad order and would'nt the plants roots rot from the wet soil? sombody told me to use a gravel substrate but what plants would root in it? this is my prblem beacause i'm thinking of buying a 65 g frog tank with the 6 divided tanks so how would could you clean somthing like that with soil, or cut down on the smell?
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Micro-fauna! If the Viv is planted, the plants should help keep it from stinking, springtails will eat the mold. You could also add isopods and a couple of earthworms.
All of my vivs have a pleasent "earthy" smell when I open them.
If a Viv starts to stink, it probably means you're mix isn't draining well, and is supporting anerobic activity, which will definatly give a nasty stink.
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