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I recently obtained 3 large azureus. Two are confirmed males, and the third is a large (adult-sized) juvenile that is starting to look female. The person I got these from had them each in their own tank. A couple of weeks ago, I put them all together in a ~25 gallon tank. As they began establishing dominance, the bigger male and juvenile became more bold, and the other male started hiding more. I will be moving him to his own tank next time I can catch him easily--no question about that!

Anyways, onto my question/comment... Last night, when I fed them, male #2 came out to feed and was doing just fine until the dominant male noticed him. At this point, the dominant male moved to where the other male was eating and tried to start wrestling. Within seconds, Male #2 hunkered down in a sprawled position with his head on the substrate (almost a 'dead' position) and let male #1 walk all over him and eat his portion of the flies. He remained like this until the dominant male moved, when he retreated to the back corner of the tank. He seemed fine after the altercation. Have any of you ever noticed submissive behavior like this?

I have had several species of frogs for many years, and have never seen this behavior in adult auratus or leucomelas groups or even when I had two male citronella tincs. I have seen many wrestling matches, but with those species, quarrels usually last a lot longer and end with the defeated frog retreating to it's favorite spot in the tank, not hunkering down.

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