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stone background

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stone background has any one tried this, still a work in progress
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I would think it would fall off over time, since it is very heavy. Now I have thought about trying the mortar stuff to make something like that, but with wiremesh underneath. I am also looking to try epoxy. Almost bought some but I am going to wait.
that looks great, but i tend to agree about the falling off. dont want any unexpected natural disasters in the frog tank. they would think it was the end of the world, if they thought before -splat-
they are at the thickest 1in and there not real stone there a kind of concreat mix there used for fire places and other kinds of rock decor and are compleatly flat on the back side. i used acuarium silicon and if that can hold a 30gal tank together im sure it can hold acouple stones. they feel preaty solid, but im going to let it run for a wile befor i add any frogs
Just be very careful. You might want to check what kind of concrete it is. Concrete will leech lime and can kill everything. Those that have a watergarden can not use certain concretes because of the lime. Like sometimes people will want to use concrete blocks in their ponds to lift plants up and that is a big no no.
You can do a search on Yahoo and just put in "Concrete Leech Lime", and you can read all about it.
For years I was a watergarden/Pond Master Gardner certified through PondScapes Magazine and the issue of concrete would always come up with new pond owners.
I wish you the best.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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