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Cooking excelsior.

Hey , I had got away from excelsior because it was so freekin' moldy.
I know others have mentioned this problem as well many times.

But now I am using it again after perfecting a quick & easy way to sterilize it.

I stuff a pampered chef large micro cooker full of excelsior, fill 1/3 full of water (shake/swish around WELL to make sure all the excelsior is wetted thouroughly*) and microwave it for about 4-5 min.
NOTE: *Dry excelsior can BURST into flames when microwaved. WET DOWN WELL. WET WET WET*. trust me on that one. :p

That's it!

Large Micro-Cooker(R) | Buy Quality Kitchenware at

The lid has drain holes so you can drain easily...but be careful you don't scald yourself when you drain it. *** wet wood is very hot ***

If you want to use the excelsior it immediately, and don't have time to wait for it to cool, you can then re-rinse the excelsior with cool water under the sink while it is still in the cooker & use the micro cooker lid to drain through the holes so very little chaff gets away to clog your drain.

The large pampered chef micro-cooker can hold enough excelsior at a time to make at least 10++ ff cultures.
Even if you were doing 30 or 40 cultures at once, production line style, this would probably only add 10-15 min to the process to sterilize all the excelsior.

:) Cheers.

Pamper Chef Excelsior Microwave Cooker:

Large Micro-Cooker(R) | Buy Quality Kitchenware at


Large Micro-Cooker(R) | Buy Quality Kitchenware at

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Hi Todd,

I microwave my cultures after adding the media and excelsior for 3 minutes and don't have any issues with mold growing in the cultures. I let them sit until their cool and then add my yeast.

Take care and thanks for the tip, Richard.
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