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Step by step hexagon build featuring huge centerpiece stump

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Well i just got my main attraction in today will post better pics later.

My new stump

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there are no pics at all...
Bitchin stump! I love me some hex vivs
Cant wait, Did you find that stump or bought it
Sorry for late reply bought it
Will post more pics soon
ENJOY will post next pics once i get stump in place and drainage valve drilled
epic stumpage. Cant wait to see it covered with epiphytes
great piece of wood whats something like that run a guy:cool:
yea its 29lb stump.. will be drilling tank this weekend and placing stump how i want it. I gotta get the substrate and plan on loading it with 5 diff types of springs and just let it ride see which ones take over.. I also have dwarf white and purple isopods..
Was thinking for this build use

Leca / hydroton for bottom
no egg crate false bottom. only egg crate will be covering the drainage valve

Above the hydroton will be ABG mix with crushed leaves and clay addin

IMG_0708 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0706 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0705 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0703 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0701 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0701 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0696 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0695 by sr20det2011, on Flickr

IMG_0692 by sr20det2011, on Flickr
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BTW DONT WORRY! Leaf litter and lots of it will be added lol..

Also it has been fully seeded with 3 types of iso pods.. 2 types of springs.. and plan on buying at least 2-4 diff kinds of springs to add to it.
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