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i know if i do a search i could probly find the answer to this question, but can someone tell me what would be some good starter plants. i have never use live plants before so i would want to know what ones will have be best chance of surviveing me. they will be going into a 28g bowfront, with a false bottom, forest floor bedding, unless someone suggest something better, coco fiber and cork bark for backing. as of now i have no lighting, which since i have no frogs or plants doesnt matter yet. i am going to put 3 azureus frogglets in it when it is finished. any help?

thanks, Bobby

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It would be wise to decide what lights will go on top before putting frogs in there, that way you can experiment a little and see how much the temperature rises with the lights on, and make sure it stays cool enough. It is much less stressful (to the animals and you) to check this out early.
It is not a direct answer to you're question, but If you use a 55w compact flourescent on that tank, you should be able to grow about anything in there.
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