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Looks good Derek. Like Homer suggested I would add a face frame to that set up. It would add a nice finished touch as well as give you a lip to hold in media and mount doors. It can be difficult to get good tight joints and I would recomend a great little tool for putting it together - Kreg's Pocket Screw System. I belive you can get it at HD. I have one and absolutly love it! It drills a couter bored hole at a shallow angle in the back of you rails/styles that make up the face frame. It has these special little screws that are amazing. The joint you get is so strong you wont belive it and you always get a nice tight proffesional looking joint.

I would also add some muffin fans for ventilation.

What kind of lighting will you be useing in there?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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