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What do u guys think about springtails as a primary food source. I would also feed Fruit flys, but I was just trying to come up with a way to stop the person who feeds my herps when we are away from having to come in every day, since the rest of them get fed everyother day. Otherwise i'll have to think something else up. :lol:

Also im a little confused about if you just plant springtails straight into the viv or not. And, where can i get them.

Thanks a ton,

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I think that feeding springtails only would depend on the number, type and age of the frogs. It would also depend on the number of springtails you are going to put in enclosure. But here is something that I do if I’m going away for a long weekend or even longer. Start a few cultures in yogurt cups before you plan to go away (save the lid) and try to have them timed to be producing when you plan to be away, replace the cover on the culture with the lid that has one or two small holes for the flies to crawl thru, and put it in with the frogs. I’ve done this for 5 days with no problem, just have the person who feeds your other herps look at the culture when they come in to make sure that it is still producing. Don’t use clear containers or lids, the frogs will batter themselves on the container trying to get to the flies.
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