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I am just getting back into frogs. I was curious to know about experiences with the different types of springtails I see listed. Purple and other colors, but mostly which springtail seeds the best. Also I think I see some other feeders being seeding, not sure what they are usually referered to as exactly, but round here we call em rolly pollies. These seem quite a bit different from my local rollie pollies though which are basically tanks of armor that roll up into a ball. I have seem them in white I believe on dendroboard. So these guys are totally new to me I would love to seed them into my new viv which is being setup for pumilio. Anybody have any idea what I am talking.

Most importantly where can I get these from? Who have you bought them from and had success in culturing of them? Same question for the crazier types of springtail ideally I will be culturing everykind of springtail available.
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