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I got this idea from Frogparty and now I use it on every culture, springtail or isopod. Use the .3 micron filter pads available here Fungi Perfecti: micron air filters
Scroll down the site page until you see "Synthetic Filter Discs". I like to order this one Sets of 10 EADF70/10 $7.95 and cut them in half. Gives you enough for 20 cultures.
Cut a section out of your lid and silicone it in place. Silicone doesn't stick well to all plastics so make sure you flip the lid over and silicone around the lip, too, so that the silicone forms a sort of grommet, sandwiching the lid snugly in place. You could also try a hot glue gun. Haven't tried that yet but I will try it on my next cultures.
Thanks again FrogParty!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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