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Springtail Supplies

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Can someone give me a link to a site where they sell the right type/brand of charcoal for the cultures? Also, do you need to put sphagnum moss on the bottom, and what grade of sphagnum? Thanks.

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ED's Fly meat sell's the charcoal springtails. I think it's like 8.95 for a shoebox, yeast and 1lb of charcoal.

We personally use Hydroton and peat moss for our cultures, and it works really well for us. But I know several people that like the charcoal. As for the moss, we don't use any in our cultures, and I don't know of anyone that does.

It is hardwood charcoal without lighter fluid, it is now available at alot of grocery stores, and orchid charcoal from Home Depot is the same stuff. I use peat moss, and charcoal for my springtails, no sphagnum.
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