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Spring tail questions :)

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hi all,

i have 4 culturs of spring tails for my dart frogs at the moment, and im having a bit of trouble in trying toget them to increase in numbers.

at the moment im keeping them in moist peat and feedin them potateo skins and dried yeast.... and sprayi them to keep humidity up in a margarine tub :)

any ideas on how i might get them to produce more ?


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I feed mine rice once or so a week and spray it down. I spread the food here and there in an attempt to spread the colony out in the box. I take part of one colony and try to start another every week. It seems like it takes 2-3 weeks to get the boxes closer to "teeming". Its not miraculous but they do multiply decently, instead of the charcoal I go with peat and vermiculite. Im gonna try the fish flake idea though ;) I'll try the charcoal to see if it works better. I think basically though they are bugs that are just doing thier thing. Probably the better fed they are the more they multiply. I just wouldn't bog them down too much with food.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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