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SO here i am again with mite in my spring tail culture,

i have change over to feed only yeast instead of ground murshroom ad Ed suggested

By using Yeast, i can see that it slow down the production of mite but doesnt get rid of them.

I keep 2 type of spring, one is tropical white and the giant silver spring.

If my culture are infested with grain mite, it doesnt bother me at all, because it doesnt really do much to the production of spring.

But lately ( well its been a while) i start to belive i have H. miles predatory mites in my cultures. These are the biggger brown mite.
The white tropical spring are able to compete with the re production of these mite and the culture can still thrive. On the other hand, if i spot H. mile in my giant silver spring, it is just matter of days before they over run them.

is there any way to deal with these type of mites?

any help would be great

Thank you
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