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^^^ Def keep the tillandsias off the ground...

We have 'em in 3 separate vivariums. One with fans - the other two DON'T have fans OR much ventilation... I haven't had one rot yet. They've been in the older vivs for 7-8 months or so with no issues. :confused: (mexican, peanut, ionantha ionantha are the oldest ones)

Some tillandsias are more prone to rotting out than others from what we understand. :)

Ours are all mounted on the backgrounds or on mopani... All using nothing but hot glue. None have sphagnum around them... A few have spanish moss in close proximity - but that's mainly because the spanish moss found the little tilly and grabbed on for life. :rolleyes:

So in other words - no - I wouldn't wrap 'em in sphagnum. They enjoy drying out a bit between mistings.
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