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Hello Members,

There are specific sections for specific topics here on Dendroboard.

Showing off the frogs you just bought (or the tank post build)? Member's Frogs & Vivariums is the area you should be posting.

If you are mentioning a specific area of the country, talking about a (non-national) show, about needing local help, etc - you need to post in the Regional Section!

Questions about breeding, eggs, tadpoles? Breeding, Eggs & Tadpoles - that is what this section is called!!! Not sure why people post those questions elsewhere.

You're a newbie with a question that has likely been asked 100 times, and you don't know how to use Google?!? Beginner Discussion is likely the place to post.

My point is, the General Section is for items that do not fit elsewhere. I move, so many threads daily. A bunch. And I know other Moderators move them as well.

At some point, some of you need to quit depending on us to move them, and actually post in the right place.

Repeat offenders might just end up having their posts removed, rather than moved.

It gets a little old moving things around, and I get cranky. :D

Please post in the right area and there - help keep DB organized.

Thank You.

Not sure the other Moderators want to be associated with Mr. Cranky so I'll just sign this one,

DB Moderator

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My point is, the General Section is for items that do not fit elsewhere.
Just to clarify Mr. Cran... I mean, Scott's point regarding the "General Section," that section is to be used to discuss Poison Dart Frogs and Mantella related topics that do not fit anywhere else.

If you want to talk about other amphibians, please post in that subforum.

If it is not amphibian related AT ALL, use the Lounge subforum to start a thread.
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