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Hi. I just setup a new vivarium for some dart frogs about a week ago. After summer I'm going to the Tampa reptile show in october. I'm very interested in the D. Tinctorius species but don't know how to care for them. The main things I'd like to know are how many I could fit in a 15 gallon vivarium(the size of the one I have set up) and how could I possibly breed the frogs when I get them. If someone could anwser these questions it would really help.

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Well, the rule of Thumb is 1 frog per each ten gallons but, I am sure that you would not have too much problems with a 15 gallon tank.

As far as information on caring for a tink.... Check out the links page here on the site on the upper right hand side of the page. There is a lot of great info on caring for darts there. Take a look at . They have some great info that you are looking for.

Good Luck!
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