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South Carolina Froggers

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I was wanting to see if there was any froggers that live within 15-20mins near myrtle beach, Me and my family will be at the beach from june 8th-19th and wanted to see who all was close and if there was any frogs for sale.
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dflorian is in Charleston.
Jane Brown from Under the Canopy lives there.
Is she on DB whats her SN??

Im really looking to not drive far at all maybe 10-15mins. I know theres someone that lives in Murrells inlets but I cant think of their SN. Im just trying to see if anyone has frogs for sale that I might be interested in.
They are vendors at various shows. Here's a link to their website. Really nice folks. Give them a call! :)

Under The Canopy Farms
I sent them a message hopefully I hear back soon.
The South Carolina froggers should really look into attending this meet. It is a good time and there are a decent amount of frogs available at good prices.
Let's do something in charleston or savannah!?!?!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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