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I don't often post my frogs but I am just so excited to add these jewels to my collection. They are far more bold than I was expecting and the males call is just awesome!

The male:
Green Frog Macro photography Leaf Tree frog

Another shot of the male:
Insect Leaf Beetle Green Macro photography

Probable female (she's larger and follows the call so heres hoping):
Insect Terrestrial plant Leaf Poison dart frog Organism

she's looking for him:
Flower Plant Terrestrial plant Leaf Flowering plant

For those that keep Benedicta, any and all breeding tips/suggestions will be more than appreciated.

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Thanks everyone

I have heard that they were a very shy frog, fortunately for me the individuals I have didn't get that memo. They do not even take cover when I open the tank for feeding/misting. I couldn't be happier with them!
That's great, that is part of the reason that i am not pulling the trigger on these guys, cause of their shyness.
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