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some herp supplements I have around--any uses?

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I have Fluker's Repta-Calcium (no phosphorus in the mix, several years old), Fluker's Repta-Vitamin with beta carotene (sub label: "contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements"; several years old), and Sanfire Superfoods Tree Frog Dust (bought about 2 years ago).

Are these any good for darts or any other kind of frog? If yes, which kind(s) and when? I hope to start a collection of Spring Peepers this spring.
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I wouldn't use any old supplements. I know calcium breaks down over time and exposure. Get fresh stuff. Most are only good for 6-12 months.
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Calcium doesn't break down unless it is being converted to something else by bombarding it with neutrons and protons..

The vitamins break down at different rates and this creates a risk of improper levels of the vitamins greatly risking condional deficiencies.

Discard them.
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