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So it begins..... The 125gallon saga

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Well, browsing the local classifieds last week, I stumbled upon a $50 125 gallon aquarium (L48"XD18"XH31"). I will create a construction log for this monster as I progress with it. So far I have removed the front panel of glass, as I am converting it into a front sliding door viv, with probably 3 panes of 1/8 glass for the door. All the hardware is on order and I am off to the glass shop to have the front piece cut in portion to cover the top and 10 inches of the front :).

any tips, advice from others would be appreciated. I am planning on using a GS/Cork/Moss background with a very narrow low flow channeled waterfall/stream from the left back corner. I will also be using driftwood and pvc vines to create plant space, as I have a large order of pleurothallids coming soon from cloudjungle (So exciting!). Thanks for looking and/or watching :)

ed parker
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looks like a fun project. I never come across deals like that. Everyone alround here prices used tanks like they were brand new a perfectly clean etc. So ive not managed to find a good one yet. How easy was it to cut the front pannel of glass off??
It was a snap, i just took some 8lb berkley fireline, layered it about 8 times, and slid it down the sides in a slicing fashion. All in all, took around 10 minutes. Cleaning the original owners horrific silicone job has proven to be far more tedious :)
I would have never thought to using fishing line to cut silicon. Wasnt that kinda rough on your hands lol. What type of frog is going to be living in this tank?
definitely tagging along for this one. off to a good start =)
it could have been rough on the hands, but i used some pieces of dowel to wrap the fishing line on :) Believe me, i do have battle wounds already from this tank, but mostly due to the removal of the trim pieces :)
whats the future hold as far as frogs for it go?
Awesome find, got a steal on my 125G there myself :D Good luck with the build, can't wait to see how it turns out.
as far as frogs go, i'm thinking of picking up some of next springs imports from understoryenterprises. I don't know what he will have to offer, but I really like the lowland fantasticas, veradero's, vanzo's, uakarii, borja ridge vents, or maybe just good old quinquevittatus..... I was thinking of letting a more terrestrial tinc pair roam the lower layer though, while the ranitomeya's will have the upper strata. I will also most likely be keeping a pair of Lygodactylus williamsi in there as well (i know they are african). I was thinking of doing a group of pums, but I think I want to be able to do more than 4 or 5 frogs in it :)
I'm thinking of trying the same thing with my fifty-five gallon tank. Whats a way to remove the trim without breaking the glass?
Ooooooo this should be fun. Can't wait to see it come along!
You don't have to break the
glass to remove the trim. I got the front piece of glass cut to cover the top and the bottom portion of the front
Here is the progress thus far. I am still waiting on the glass track for the front doors, but I have cleaned out all the old silicone and resealed it. The side glass piece was cut in half for the top and the front 13 inches. I have already installed the false bottom, drilled the back of the tank for the pump chord, foamed in all the wood and am now in the process of trimming and shaping the foam.

Waterfall built of lace rock, hot glued and then foamed into place. 1/2" pvc pipe foamed in behind.

All the wood is set in place first with hot glue, then foamed for support

More updates on the way!
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That can of GS in the 2nd pic really puts into perspective how big that tank is!

Thats an awesome score.....I like how its a tall and wider tank as opposed to the real long and thinner 100g
I'd love to come check it out when your all done! What's the dimensions of the tank?

The background is in now i'm waiting on the front doors and my glass hole saw. I wish I could capture the depth of everything better, but there are lots of shelves and "branches" formed in the foam for planting and what not.

You are definitely more than welcome to come and check it out when it is finished. I'm getting excited to start planting it :).

Dims = L48 x D18 x H31
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So I finally got the glass doors on, i'm really pleased with how they look and glad I decided to make 3 panes instead of 2 large ones.

and here is the beginnings of the stand

I'm hopeful to begin planting it in a week or two :)
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I just found 2 - 75's for $100, very interesting what you did with the doors. Could you PM the source for the door tracks?
Should look good planted. Have plenty of space in that one.
BTW the tank you have is a 90 tall.

125 is 72inches long.

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