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snake killing device being sold

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hello fellow dendrophiles. any of you here that love snakes...or at least think they have a place in this world should look at this

i encourage you to email this guy and encourage him (not put him down) lets convince him that this is wrong. i know that snakes are not going to be the only thing snared. this is very disturbing to me and i hope this can be stopped.i encourage you to send this to other forums, friends, family...whatever. if your a snake lover, help their cause. thank you
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That's a pretty cruel little device.
Dane said:
It's no more cruel than a shovel blade or a bullet.
True, but I think that the fact that it was made specifically to decapitate snakes makes it especially gruesome.
I'm sure we can shut him down pretty quick if we tell PETA where he lives :twisted:

I live in Iowa and know a guy who works for the DNR, maybe I'll ask him what he knows. Anyone know if he's still based in Iowa?
You've got a point, snakes aren't the cute or cuddly critters that PETA usually gets all worked up about. I dunno though, I think that the gruesomeness of this extermination device might offset that fact.

But then again maybe they wouldn't do anything. Anyone else think that PETA would do something about this if they knew? Did they get involved last year before he was shut down?
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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