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snake killing device being sold

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hello fellow dendrophiles. any of you here that love snakes...or at least think they have a place in this world should look at this

i encourage you to email this guy and encourage him (not put him down) lets convince him that this is wrong. i know that snakes are not going to be the only thing snared. this is very disturbing to me and i hope this can be stopped.i encourage you to send this to other forums, friends, family...whatever. if your a snake lover, help their cause. thank you
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This devise is NOT in any form a good way to handle a snake, if you don't take its head off (original intention), you'd probibly sufficate it while trying to get it to hold still, or damage the sensitive spine. Its also a great way to get nailed by a snake (have you ever tried to get a little loop at the end of a pole over something that actually MOVES?). There are snake hooks and tongs to handle snakes that are much better/easier on both ends.

Its a way to get a buck off people's fears (or in this case, $35). Snakes are benificial, but are also "scary" (and thus bad/evil) to the average person who doesn't have a clue. Plus they eat the fuzzy/cute/adorable critters (which are actually pests.... how did that get switched around?!).

I honestly don't think emailing the people will do anything. Its there to make money, why do they care if there are people who won't use it for various reasons? There are just as many people buying the damn thing.
lAwareness is great, but I don't think the producers of this product are just going to have a magic lightbuld go off in their head if we flood their emails (which would be taken more as harassment), so its wasted energy. This product actually came up on as well.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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