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I think that leucs and auratus are pretty much evenly matched. I have both. Leucs have a great song. My male calls every morning and evening. They climb in their enclosure a lot so you might want to keep that in mind
when building that 29 gallon. The male is pretty bold, and the female is very shy, but that does not stop her from producing eggs every couple eeks. I've had a few auratus morphs and you have many choices. My auratus right now are very shy and they really stay in the leaf litter all the time but they are really a beautiful morph.
Whatever you decide, you might want to put the juvi frogs in a smaller enclosure for a month or 2 before you move them to the 29 gallon. This way you can observe them better, make sure that they are eating well and there are no other issues with them. With either of these species a 29 should be more than enough room for 3 adult frogs.
Good Luck.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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