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I have finally finished my 125 gallon background. All that is left is the filling the part over the foam. I have decided to go with silicon/peat method. And I was trying to figure out what is the best way to actually get the mixture. I was planning on putting the silicon over the foam and then packing the peat on top of the silicon, but this method will only allow a certain amount of peat to stick to the surface. I was wondering if there was any other ways I could add more silicon/peat onto the surface of the background.

I was going to try the weldbond method, but I'm saving this for my next project, since this 125 gallon is going to be a paladarium and wasn't quite sure how well the weldbond will do with constant water flow.


dont use peat, doesn't stick too well. get some of the "bed-a-beast (or any other brand) of ground coconut husk. mix it about 4 parts coco and 1 part sand. make sure that the coco is bone dry (you have to use water to expand it from it's brick form) i have tried this several times and it seems to work pretty well and holds up to water really well!
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