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I just received three pumilio on Thursday morning. This morning I woke up to one of them dead in the quarantine tank. I have emailed the company I bought them from letting them know what happened and asking what steps to take in order to be reimbursed. My problem now is that another one looks like it is going down the same road as the one that has past on. He/she hasn't really moved too much since I got it and it’s really skinny. What do you guys recommend I do to help it? I have already emailed Dr. Frye and am waiting for his response. At the moment each is in its own plastic box with a paper towel bottom and some plant cuttings in there for them to hide in. I have been feeding them small Maleg. FF's an older culture that I have been using for some of my froglets dusted with vit. powder. I haven’t had a fecal done yet because I haven’t seen any stool. Also the third frog seems to be doing great, it is all over its box and looks to be doing really well.
I would greatly appreciate any help.

I would give your frog a pedialyte soak.
Take a small tupperware container and fill it with about 3/4" deep I would also place spaghnum moss so it can rest on it with out drowning. I normally give them a 15-30 min soak. This will help boost its energy until you can find out more info.

edit. just beat me to it Kyle ;)
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