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I had a similar problem with a couple of the F.R pumilio that I got a month ago. Two eventually died and one became really thin and sickly. I had him in a normal size sweater box but decided to put him in something smaller so that the food would be closer together. The box that I switched him over to was a little less then half the size of a normal s. box. I too treated the frog with metronidazole for I think it was 14 days as well as some Ped. soaks every day. After the 14 days was up I continued with the ped. but instead of taking the frog out and soaking it I just got a small pipette and dripped the ped. on him. I did this once a day after I would spray down the box avoiding the frog with the spray so that it would be dry for when I put the ped on him. I stopped to once a day following someone’s advice on the board about less contact would cause the frog to become more comfortable.
As of now the frog has put on some weight, its still on the thin side but it’s going in the right direction. Right now I am only spraying down the box and applying the ped. once every other day. He seems to be coming out of his shell now and I notice him eating right off the bat as soon as I would drop the FF in the box; compared to before when I would wonder if the thing ate anything at all.
I hope this helps.
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