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Show me your before and after EPOXY pics!

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Hey all,

I'm working on my first rock build and after 2 failed attempts I'm SUPER happy with my third try (using precision grout with a water consistency on detail carved foam=WIN....but its so thin the concrete flakes off at points with a simple touch).

I am debating how to seal this as I have only one very thin coat of concrete on it. I have tried adding a second coat and am unhappy with the results...I figured I would jump straight to epoxy on the waterfall areas, with a little grey silicone to patch up any areas where foam has shown through

Epoxy looks "glossy" (and throwing sand on it helps?) so I'm worried. I've bought some but given its price I'd rather see pics before I waste any experimenting...

I'd love to see your BEFORE and AFTER pics of applying epoxy in "fake rock techniques". If you did or did not throw sand (or other stuff) please mention that :)

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My proposed solution to the problem of glossy epoxy is the dust the wet surface of freshly applied epoxy w/ chinchilla bathing dust -which is flour fine grey volcanic dust.

Another possible solution (at least on easily accessible portions of your finished "rock" would be super fine wet/ dry sand paper -maybe 400 grit or finer. Which would de-gloss the shiny surface, but is prolly not so practical over large areas/ craggy areas that area difficult to access.

P.S. The best looking results I've gotten with coloring foam rocks has been using acrylic paints, but I'm not that convinced that such a thin coating of mere paint would hold up well enough (blue and/or pink spots would really displease me when I managed to ding my rock work? The tempts I've done with cement and grout and resulted in the applied materials smoothing out the features of the foam more than I'd like and the super thin layers crack and abrade super easily.

To be forthright, I have not yet played with epoxy coating my foam "rocks" but these are the best laid plans of the mice and man at my house.
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Yea I used totally watered down "precision grout" and it is super thin...>I can wipe it off with my finger at some points so I know it wont hold up under the waterfall...

just trying to find some way to "secure" it without adding more concrete as i'm really happy with its look now
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