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I just got some shoeboxes for use with frogs (14x10x6 inches).
Question: Do I need to add ventilation to these boxes, or will the frogs be OK with just opening the lid every other day? What do you do with your shoeboxes?
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No holes necessary, just put some moist spagnum moss in there a couple inches is fine, and a good clipping of pothos (or whatever). Opening the boxes to feed every day is plenty of air exchange.
Hmm, 1 yes, one no. Any more?
I don't add holes to mine either. There's enough air creeping in there to keep them alive. Too many holes will dry the frogs out.
I add a couple hole on each end of the tank and cover them with screening. Mine don't dry out. I do think you can keep them in there without holes, but I prefer to have some ventilation.
Mine always end up dead in shoeboxes. No more shoebox for me. :(
Just a reminder, If you decide to poke holes in the top, poke from the inside of the lid, so there won't be any sharp protrusions to worry about.
I've done it both with and without holes with no problems.

no holes, keep that humidity up. Opening the lid to feed is all they need for air exchange. Also, holes gives the ff a place to escape...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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