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fed ex gets my vote before UPS. i've watched UPS carry a live animal box to the front door while spinning it between their fingers with large arrows saying "this side up" no care at all what the package says. i've also seen them drop boxes off the end of the truck.

i also am a big fan of sending a shipment overnight to a fed ex hold facility when possible instead of shipping overnight to a residential delivery by truck.
the advantage is that they arrive early and they are held inside for the person receiving the shipment. it is temperature controlled and not sitting on a hot or cold truck all day going to a residence.

with delivery to a residence the time they are on a truck could vary tremendously person to person. for example someone in virginia may get their typical fed ex and ups truck deliveries by noon. others in a different area and also wthin the same state may not get deliveries in their area until late afternoon.

in my area UPS doesn't drop off until between 5 pm and 7 pm on average. i would never want a live animal shipment coming to me by truck half cooked or frozen at 6pm if i can easily go pick them up at a fed ex hold facility first thing in the morning at 9 am and know they will be healthy, alive and a lot less stressed.

shipping companies are often ignorant when it comes to "live animals" on the carton. many shippers i know will claim there are live plants inside the box instead of frogs because of the ignorance that may delay and kill your frogs while the shipping company is trying to figure out of its allowed to be shipped.

hope this helps a little.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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