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Kaity, it sounds like you don't have to be too concerned about highs. You do have a low of 51 and I would try to adjust for that. Insulated box of course with at least 1 inch of insulation. Then either a couple of Phase 22 panels or 2 to 4 Phase 22 gel packs to be safe.
Prep the Phase 22 packs by gently warming them in warm/hot water until the packs liquefy and are at a temperature of about 74 to 82 degrees. Unlike a heat pack, it is ok for a phase 22 to be touching the frog containers.
Pack frogs with some damp sphagnum moss and a live plant clipping is always nice. Each frog should get its own 2 to 4 oz Deli cup and don't forget the air holes. No flies, they will just stress them out and your frogs will be in almost dormant in the dark anyway. A couple of damp/wet paper towels inside of the styrofoam cooler can be helpful in keeping overall humidity up just in case package spends extra time in shipping. Use styro peanuts or other packing material to make sure things cannot bounce around on the rough trip.
I have spent a LOT of time lately, researching which shipping companies are the best and which have the worst track record. Of course everybody's individual experiences will vary, but overall here is what my research shows for the most reliable, down to the least reliable.
1) Delta Dash is the best
2) FedEx
3) UPS
4) USPS Express. I don't care what anybody else says, anytime researching at all will point USPS out as the most lost/damaged packages.
Don't pay extra for insurance, nobody will guarantee a live animal.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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