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I have been part of this forum for years and I hardly ever share anything but I think thats on the rise. I have been adding more pics. I had to stay in the background at first and learn I guess. Anyway here are a few pics of some of my stuff. The Rhacodactylus tank is nothing impressive but I plan on redoing it soon.

The first tank full of various pilea is my current mantella pulchra tank. The bottom is full of leaf litter and though you can't see it the front slopes down into a pond.

The leucs are pretty obvious. They are my pair for the 55 gallon in my other thread.

The Rhac tank is a bunch of cork, orchids, and snake plants. Its not too pretty but it functions great for them.

The last ones are my Cynops ensicauda popei tank. The inspiration came from hydrophyte and still needs a lot of growing in and planting.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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