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A few weeks ago, I managed to snap a few pictures of the first mushroom I spotted growing in a vivarium I am in the process of growing out. Here is what I thought a particularly pretty photo of the mushroom. I remember thinking how nice it would of been if I would of been able to capture a timelapse video of the mushroom as it grew from start to finish.

I downloaded a timelapse app on my phone and set it up over the course of the next 3 days to take a capture at predetermined intervals of time in hopes to capture the growth of any additional mushrooms.

Sadly being both a horrible photographer and technologically illiterate, I managed to completely bungle the process and nearly lost all the photos that would of comprised my entire timelapse. However, I managed to save some of the photos from some of the sequences and made the best of it.

381 - 388 of 388 Posts
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