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Does anyone have any pics of sexed retics? I have two and I am starting to think they are a pair. In their viv is one clear film canister on the ground. Yesterday i walked in and the smaller frog was on top. The larger frog was approaching and they hung out in, on and around the canister all day. It seemed as if the smaller one was almost guarding the canister. They usually run away when i walk in the room. Yesterday I thought i would test the "male" and decided to clean off the glass. This would cause them to immediately dive into the leaf litter, but yesterday he held his ground. Strange that a frog that usually runs at first sight of me would sit there while i had a hand moving in the tank. I would guess by the shape of bodies i have a pair, but the difference is little or even just imagination. I will look around for pics and in the meantime anyone with some sexed images would be greatly appreciatted. I hope to be updating my signature soon.
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