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A couple weeks ago I posted this question on another forum and the only reply (be email) was to come to this here gos and thanks to anyone who replies!

I have recently emptied out my 65 (36"x18"x24".....i think) gal tank and I really want to make a naturalistic, self contained, beutiful set-up. I was wondering if dartfrogs would be a good candidate for this tank. How many would I be able to put in without much aggression? Would i still have to go by the "only one pair per tank" rule? The next thing I have to ask about is fruitflies. I really don't want them escaping into the if I was to put bug-stop around the top-ish part of the tank will that prevent them from escaping? If you don't know what that is what people use to prevent climbing feeder roaches from climbing out of the enclosure (like lobster roaches). I think having the flies around would also be good for when my satanic leaftails have babies.

So thanks in advance for anything you help me out with. I still need to do a lot of research cause I am still not to clear on how to set up one of these tanks.


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An all glass top would be a better fly stop without having the bug stop in the tank. The frogs will climb the glass and could contact it... but I'm not sure what it's made of. Also, I'm not sure about how it would hold up with the humidity of the frog tank.

If you want more than a pair of [beginner] frogs, there are several species available. Dendrobates leucomelas do well in groups, are stunning imho, will use the vertical as well as the horizontal space in your tank, and are relatively inexpensive ($20-45 each depending on age/vendor). Other species that do well in groups are d. auratus (also inexpensive) and phyllobytes (numerous species). These would be the frogs I personally would call "beginner" frogs that do well in groups... and you could have a nice group in a tank that size.


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In order to keep the humidity up you are going to need to "seal off" the top. Some people have a small section that is screen but most people have a complete glass top.

You dont have to keep one frog per tank but you should stick to one species per tank. You can dig around on this forum its been hashed over and over so i wont bother here.

Do a bunch of research and you should be fine. There are a ton of guides out there.

And welcome to the forums.
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