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I have 6 tarapoto in a tank. I put them there as they were coming out of water from the parent tank. Now they are from 5 to 8 months old. I see a pair now, one calling and the other following and courting. I have some questions now...

1 - What do I do now to separate the pair? Do I remove the 4 others to another tank? Or do I remove the pair to another tank. It looks like they are getting ready to lay though. Please help.

2 - Is it possible that the 5 month old frog is even old enough to fertilize eggs? The one calling is from 6/29/11 which makes him 5 months old. The female is from 3/27/11 making her 8 months old. She looks gravid and is following the male around touching his leg here and there.

Let me know what you think. Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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