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I have 1.2 r. yumbatos imis. A couple weeks ago the male starting calling a lot and the larger female which has always been more bold than the other followed him around and they slept in the same bromeliad leaf almost every night. I recently noticed some aggression by her towards the smaller female when the smaller one would come near the male while he called. I would see some chasing activity, but nothing very physical. She laid one egg I believe 2 days ago in another leaf of their bromeliad.

Today I checked on them and saw the subordinate female staring down the dominant one. The male was in the bottom of the leaf.

Should I pull the subordinate female and place in a different tank on her own?

Since they are all relatively young (about 6 months) Im just going to leave the egg and see what happens. I believe it looks viable.

Any opinions welcomed. I have another tank that is vacant and ready to go.

You can see the male in the second pic at the bottom of the bromeliad.

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