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Selling Pum Frogets?

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I have two basti froglets, both a little over two months. My question is that I will be selling them but should I sell them now or wait another 2 months. Both are fat and eating fruit flies and i figured I would sell them to someone local now. Just wondering what others thoughts are on this subject. BTW in MD and if you are interested i can get some pics for you. They are both yellow.
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Thanks for the info phil. I wanted to get some info from experience pum breeders, since these are my first pum froglets. Ill get some pics on later today.
yea i have kept them with the parent and the viv has tons of springs. i put them in everyday. UPDATE!!! I just found a polliwog with popped front legs, basically just needs to absorb his tail. He is red, so hopefully there are others in the viv that will pop out soon as well.
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