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I got some star moss from my yard (not fertilized or sprayed with chemicals) and I've noticed that pinheads hide in it so the frogs cannot find them. I was wondering what everyone else uses for moss that won't protect your crickets/food from being eaten. I had sphagnum, but I left it in a bag and it got moldy after a while. It looks like that could hide pinheads too. Where do you buy your moss from?

I also have some other moss in my yard, which is literally like a carpet. The "carpet" moss doesn't look like crickets could hide in it as easily as they could with the star moss.

I'm well aware of the risks from collecting wild moss. I cleaned this stuff as well as I could before I added it to my vivarium. These frogs don't depend on moss, as they live on the banks of ponds and lakes, however I find moss anesthetically pleasing. I'm also providing leaf litter for my frogs.
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