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Searching for R/O system

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Hello everyone,

Finally back to the forum after 3 years or so. Been out of the game and possibly looking to get back into it. Can anyone recommend to me a good place to purchase a R/O system and what a decent price is? Thanks in advance.
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The shell for most of them is pretty much identical so its really a matter of the filters that go inside of them. Key thing is to look for quality filters and fittings (some companies use compression fittings which just suck and leak). A quality membrane is going to produce enough water, with a good rejection rate (98% is common on good systems).

Another note, avoid systems that advertise things like 1:1 waste water ratio. While this is possible to do, it does so at the expense of rejection rate as well as membrane lifespan (the most expensive part in the whole system). The waste water is actually really important for them to work correctly.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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