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SCADS (So Cal) meeting July 30?

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I wanted to throw out feelers for a midsummer meet. I was thinking that late July would offer enough planning time, but I'm open for other dates around the same time frame. Location would be in 92081, and due to spatial constraints, this would be an RSVP event, with preference given to those that have attended previous meetings. Food & drink will be provided, and it will be a great opportunity to sell & swap some plants/frogs/etc. and discuss frogging with other locals. Please PM or post in the thread if you are interested in attending.
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I am in. Kota has a golf tourney earlier in the day in mission viejo so we will already be half way down.

I'd like to attend as long as I can get the time off, the sooner a date is nailed down the better.

Things have been pretty chaotic over here, but if at all possible I'd like to come and bring some more plants if that's alright.
I'd like to join but I haven't been in the hobbie that long and the only meeting I've been to was at brians. Let me know if it's cool
Im good to go for the 30th. I will PM you to RSVP!
I'd like to attend but this would be my first meet. So no hard feelings if I can't attend ;) Thx! Alex
In if it's not full yet! Will have some Tads for trade if anybody is interested! FG vents, super blues, intermedius, and alanis tincs all breeding... I'm getting overwhelmed!
If you could still accommodate one, I would also want to attend. Thank you.
As with the last couple SCADS meets I'm working- but I should be able to leave Pt loma for north county by 5:30 if you would have room for one more :)
I just realized that we may have a conflict on the 30th. Would the 31st (Sunday) work for everyone? I'm open to the following weekend as well if that poses a problem.
I would like to come. I have some plants (nice begonias and some other stuff), Iquitos vents, nearly adult leucs w/ cool patterns, azureus and maybe some mancreeks by then.
I would also like to attend. Just a suggestion, but if there are space constraints perhaps those not selling something could be given a certain block of time. That way you could limit how many would be there at any given time.
I would also be interested in going if the date is open for me. Crossing my fingers!!
I'm in, the 31st or the week after works for me.

I am moving to the Carlsbad area in 2 weeks, and would love to meet up with some so-cal froggers. Id be totally in for a meet, and would have some stuff to swap out orchid wise, and maybe some froglets
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