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Meeting for all Southern California and Nevada froggers....... open to all.
The meeting date is quickly approaching, as such starting a clean thread......

-Those planning on attending please pm so I may get a head count. PM for directions.

-Amy will be making her homemade chili. In addition this year she is also making homemade sourdough bread bowls.

Date: Saturday October 1st
Host: Evolvstll
Location: La Verne, Ca 91750
Time: 5:00-?

I will have various supplies available: FF cultures; Springtails; tropical moss; various
tropical plants.
- LED lights from Light Your Reptiles will also be available. PM for details.
-Pairs: Cit; yellowback; patricia (250- each) / BG Leuc pair (350-)
-Froglets to subadults: Patricia; Powders; Nikita; Cits; Azureus; Inferalanis;
Yellowback; Costa Rican Auratus; a few others.

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I will be attending. And Amy's chille is great!

I can bring 2 Mancreeks 4+ months eating melenogasters/springs
3-4 Varaderos ~ 1-3 months
3-5 Patricias 1-3 months
8+ Orange Lamasi ranging from 1-5 months
2 adults Orange Lamasi that look female with lots of orange/red
3 4 month old yellowbacks 1 with dot 2 with out

Ill be looking for 1-3 heavily producing springtale cultures to toss into new tanks.

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Thanks for doing this Jason.

I plan on bringing :
2 Mancreeks '07 - 4+ months
4 Iquitos vents (Kelly line) - [email protected]+ months, [email protected] months
3 Standard Leucs - ~1 year, 1 calling male, 2 unsexed

Various viv plants including
begonias (versicolor, limprictii, Tiger Kitten, Dew Drop, Buttercup)
Cissus discolor (4" pot)
Pep. serpens
Pilea 'Moon Valley"

Probably some cuttings as well.

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I will be there for sure. Probably gonna bring a new frogger friend with me as well.

I have a couple yellow truncatus, some sub adult-adult standard leucs, 2 adult alanis (unsexed), a proven trio of bakhuis tincs, some southern variabilis (Stewart line) and possibly a few quinquevittatus (Tan line)

Interested in trades. Also looking for a male CR auratus, pumilio and other thumbs.

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I will be there as well.

Have a list of frogs available soon including yellow bicolor, chrome bassleri, and some proven thumbs.


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I have 4 Nicaraguan auratus available. Check my classified or for trade post for pics. Willing to give a meet discount. Make me an offer.

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I will be there as usual! I have a long list of supplies that a buddy and I picked up. I will not be bringing the entire list of items. I will bring on request only. Let me know what you want and I will try to accomodate you. I have multiple of whats listed, so give me your quanity and we can go from there.
Pictures are available via PM.

Here is the list:

3oz All Glass aquarium silicone black

3oz All Glass aquarium silicone clear

4oz API tap water conditioner

1.25oz API tap water conditioner

10oz Aquarium silicone clear

75ft Biovine large

75 ft Biovine small

16oz Blackwater Expert

8oz Blackwater Expert

7lbs Charcoal

1lb bag Charcoal

Coconut water bowl (small)

Cold packs

Coralife light fixture 18"

Cryopack phase 22 hard panels

Cryopack phase 22 packs

Current 20" 2 lamp 40w 24 hour lighting system

EcoEarth bricks (3 pack)

650g EcoEarth bricks (single brick)

25lb Excavator clay substrate

10lb Excavator clay substrate

5lbs Excavator clay substrate

gallon bag Excelsior

case Excelsior 16x24x15

Flexi Branch (large)

Flexi Branch (small)

Flukers analog hygrometer

Flukers analog thermometer

Flukers analog thermometer/hygrometer

Forest bed brick (large value size)

Forest bed bricks (single brick)

Frog and Tadpole Bites

Insulated shipping containers

1 liter Jungle Bed

5.5 liter Jungle Bed

4oz Methylene Blue

8oz Nature zone mite guard liquid

2oz Nature zone mite guard powder

50 sleeve Plastic cups 12oz

50 sleeve Plastic Cups 16oz

25 sleeve Plastic lids

Repashy Insect gut load

5.3oz Repashy Plus (bottles)

Repashy Rescue Calcium

Repashy supermin

5.3oz Repashy Superpig (bottles)

5.3oz Repashy Superveggie (bottles)

5.3oz Repashy Supervite (bottles)

RepCal Calcium

Repti-glo 5.0 15w bulb

Repti-glo 5.0 20w bulb

Repti-glo 5.14w bulb

Slimpaq Extreme T5 24" 24w bulb

Slimpaq Extreme T5 36" 39w bulb

500g Spirulina algae powder

6oz Spirulina algae powder

Styrofoam shipping containers

Sunpaq 18w dual daylight bulb

Sunpaq 40w dual daylight bulb

T12 48" 40W fluorescent bulbs

T5 24" 4 bulb light fixture

T5 36" 4 bulb light fixture

Tree fern fiber totem (medium)

5.5 liters T-Rex coconut bark

Uniheat 40 hours

Uniheat 60 hour packs

Zilla 24-7 digital timer power center

Zilla 24-7 dual analog timer power center

Zilla 500w temperature controller

Zilla analog power center

Zilla coconut husk (brick)

3.5oz Zilla compressed frog moss

Zilla digital thermometer/hygrometer

11 liters Zilla fir and sphagnum peat moss mix

5.5 liter Zilla Jungle Mix

ZooMed analog hygrometer

ZooMed analog thermometer

ZooMed analog thermometer/hygrometer

ZooMed digital thermometer with probe

8.8 liters ZooMed Eco Earth substrate (loose)

18x18 ZooMed substrate mesh

12x12 ZooMed substrate mesh

sm bale ZooMed terrarium moss

1/2 case ZooMed terrarium moss lg box

Sorry for the long list. Cant wait to see everyone at the meet!

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I'll be there - this will be the first SCADS meeting for me. Looking forward to it!
5-6 R. fantastica 'lowland", 3-12 months
1 proven male (from Jon Werner)

2-3 R. fantastica "INIBICO", 3-6 months
Possibly an extra pair (female from Kevin Moser (Stewart line), proven male from Troy Bosier (Stewart line))

R. benedicta proven female (bred by Chris Miller)
Possibly 4 very young benedicta froglets (they're about to leave the water)
I have a bunch of tads in the water - should be ready by the end of the year; email to reserve.

10-12 red A. galactonotus, 2-4 months
from three different pairs: 1 Nabors line, 2x (Aaron's Frogfarm x Stewart import). I have about 15 more coming up.

3-4 orange A. galactonotus, 2-3 months (Female bred by me from LLL stock, male Villegas line)
Also, three adult orange galactonotus 2.0.1, 1 male proven, all from LLL).

9 D. tinctorius Azureus, 3-4 months

1 O. pumilio "Bastimentos", proven orange male from Ron McGee (Stewart origin)

Plenty of D.tinctorius "Powderblue" tadpoles (male: from Karl Meier (Lisa Chesney line), 2 females (from Chris Dulany and Jason O'Neal)

Other stuff: will have some cuttings, Daphnia (good if you raise your tads in larger aquaria)

Looking for:
2-3 female O. pumilio "Bastimentos", red or deep orange preferred
female A. quinquevittatus
female A. castaneoticus
Possibly a male Man Creek (I have a 1.2 group)
Tree fern panels
Pea aphids

Please email me at [email protected]



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I really want to make it this time!
I'll be looking to buy plants, viv materials, and possibly a pair of frogs (undecided on species so far).

I can bring some really nice Azureus 1-4 months OOW (some look like fine spot... I plan on posting pictures soon). They are Nabors Line - unrelated.

If anyone needs starter springtail cultures, let me know soon and I can start some.

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We will be there with a vengeance! Tentative list includes:

Young proven azureus pair - $225

Juvenile azureus - 2 for $90

Adult mint terribilis - 2 for $100 (these have a slight bowing of the back legs that the original owner attributed to a calcium deficiency during froglet stage)

Adult probable female grey leg panguana - $60 (I may also have a probable male, have to check the tank, if so it would be $100 for both)

Adult yellow galact - FREE! (this is a skinny frog from LLL that I'm just trying to find a home for as a favor to the original owner)

NOTE: I'm willing to take reasonable offers on most of the frogs, but I will probably not be bringing the lot unless someone expresses interest.

Repashy Superpig, Calcium plus, Superfly, Fly culture kits, cleaned oak and mag leaves, soil mix, clay substrate, plants & broms.

I can also bring vertical conversion kits/terrarium tops ON REQUEST ONLY.

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Definately will show up to this one again. Hopefully I'll have an okay amount of rare plant stuff to bring depending on growth rates.

looking foward to it as always - andre could your list be any bigger? dang

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I'm hoping to make this one, looks like it's gonna be a nice turnout.. got a soccer game sunday morning, first match of the season.

anyone have some Brewers Yeast available for sale? I need a pound or so to make new FF media.

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I may have a proven Cayo de aqua pair for sale. Still thinking about selling them. Pm me for price. I also have a proven male intermedius for sale. Still looking around the frog room for more potential frogs. Oh yeah I have three male CV imis also.

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I will be there. I will have chiriqui, and man creek froglets. Also will have a proven man creek pair available. As well as a proven el dorado pair and a couple large el dorado sub adults.
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