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BBC News - Brazil dam company wins Belo Monte appeal

Still very much an issue it seems. Big problem being that many of the alternatives to creating this much energy have even more negative environmental implications. Over 1.3 million signed the petition though, and theres this:

Basically states how risky it is to put so much investment in hydroelectric energy (already accounts for almost 80% of their power), as droughts can cause mass power shortages. Add that to that fact that it has been repeatedly shown that all this rapid deforestation (and subsequent reduction in transpiration) is projected to create more and more droughts as time goes on, which is already a growing problem for the southern part of the country.

More importantly, it outlines in a detailed way how investing in more efficient energy infrastructure can reduce energy requirements by 40%, far above the 11% increase in power from this dam.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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