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I know there's probably a ton of red tape involved, and this would probably have to be done by Brazilian citizens given their stance on exportation, but what are the chances of having someone go through the soon to be affected areas and legally collecting a small number of specimens for captive preservation programs? I know there's no chance of Noah's arking every species of doomed animal, but to deny the opportunity for that sort of preservation to someone who lives in the country would be pretty asinine.

Obviously, I'm sure the animals would have to stay in the country and would never find their way here, but preserving some small piece of these populations in captivity seems a better alternative to totally wiping them from the planet if the dam gets the full go-ahead. Best case scenario would obviously be a cancellation of the project, but I sure hope SOMEBODY down there is thinking about Plan B. I would think a zoo or university could have a fairly decent shot at pulling it off? The Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia has legally collected Lehmanni and histrionicus, so maybe the Brazilian government would grant a university the opportunity to do the same.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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