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Since all the ferns I justed picked up have sold I need to go and get some more. To show our appreciation everything on the site is 20% off. Just add the coupon code 'dendro20' when checking out to receive 20% your entire order, not including shipping. Sale ends on midnight Sunday the 9th. Go to Tropical Plantz to check it out.

Some new plants this week are microgramma vaccinifolia-a great epiphytic fern, hoya repens-in bloom now and very fragrant, hoya lacunosa and creeping fig. I will be adding the ferns by themselves and not in packs as soon as I can get some more. Also being added is neo flirtation and neo Christopher Robin(just a few to offer). The Christopher Robin looks exactly like winnie the pooh only it has more color on the tips.

I am still looking for some frog free marcgravia. I am willing to purchase or trade. Please pm me if you have any.
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