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EMAIL or by Phone is best way to contact me!

Hey folks! I have plenty of magnolia leaves here to sell. I never run out. The only problem is the weather. These are small to large leaves, sometimes green (not usually) to yellow to brown. Some, not all, may have a few holes, minor tears, and some deformity, but they are excellent leaves. They have never been treated chemically wise or have ever been exposed to trucks that spray chemicals in the air. They do need to be cleaned when you get them, but I hope you would be doing that anyway.

There are approximately 150 per box (Equivalent to 3 or more 1 gallon size bags.). USPS is $14 a box (includes shipping) 2-3 day mail (HI and Alaska excluded. International orders are available).

--> Normally: $14 a box, now $12! This includes shipping! <--

*Photos of boxes can be arranged upon request.*

You can see my references here, or my ITrader area under my profile on (atlfrog).

Thanks and happy building!

BTW: I can break deals on larger orders as you will get more for your buck. Thanks again! (Pleave allow 24/48 to process.)


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