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All Repashy products on our website are 5% off, small Spyra sheets are 10% off, and for the icing on the cake use coupon code freshenup2015 (or go to Store - Folius Enterprises LLC) for an additional 15% off your order! Good until this Friday, Jan 23. Remember that buying Repashy products from us will allow you to save 5% on subsequent Repashy purchases, every time!

We've revealed it to our subscribers and on Facebook, and we'd like to now reveal a new product to the Dendroboard community - the DawnProp!

The DawnProp is an accessory for use with Jungle Dawn LED units. No longer will you need to purchase a canopy or mounting kit, nor do you have to merely lay the LEDs on the top of your tank. The DawnProp lifts the LEDs off the surface of the glass to improve spread and reduce heat transfer. Low profile, it is perfect for use in racks where space is limited and suspension or mounting is difficult or undesirable.

We're allowing backorders against the first run of DawnProps so that people can take advantage of this sale and they will ship out in about two weeks. Please note in your order if you want to receive non-DawnProp items before the DawnProps arrive (this option will require additional postage before the DawnProps are shipped out to you).

We expect to be able to offer full kits with Jungle Dawn units, a corded socket, and the DawnProps in the near future.

Thank you all for your support!


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