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Well, for the first time in probably 7 months, I decided to open up a pink springtail/dwarf white isopod culture i made a while ago and forgot about...well, to my surprise, they are doing amazing, and better than when i pay attention!

anyways, while flooding a ff cup full of the media, i noticed this in it, what is it? can i seed with the culture if these are in it? will they harm anything?

right now it's in a petri dish with a little bit of water sealed shut...

the black line, I assume is the stomach...

and it swimming in the water if it helps identify it...

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Wow how did that get in there?!!
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Well, this is an annalid (ringed worm), just like your average earth worm. It's safe, larger frogs (terribilis, bicolor) like those if they are not too large.
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Perfectly safe. I saw a ringed worm in my tadpole tank when it was set up. My tads were eating it. :rolleyes:
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