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So I wanted to show the progress I made on my rock build 24 x 18 x 24 Exoterra.

The system was built to have a small pond and an waterfall/stream that feeds into it. The pond has two drains at the water line that also act as a protein skimmer to avoid protein build up on the surface of the pond. The top portion is a wet/dry filter that leads to the fogger pool. The fogger pool has cover that is removable for servicing. The rock formation was created with Polyethylene foam and underlayment cement. The rocks were painted with acrylics and covered with a black paint wash to artificially age the rocks. The cement was continuously sprayed with vinegar and water for a month to expedite the curing process and bring the pH balance to neutral. Eventually I'm going to create an access point for access to the water pump for servicing.

Since the frogs don't really benefit from a pond or stream I wanted to minimize the footprint which is why it currently has a floating and unnatural look. Hopefully I can find a creative way to make the background fit the floating stream in a naturalistic way.

Here is an early screenshot of the pond. Here you can better see the two drains that lead to the basin

And here is a video of it flowing

overall, I wish I could have done a better paint job on the rocks. especially the gray rocks that have a very blue tint. I haven't painted since grade school so I was not very great at mixing very natural colors. I am very happy with the green highlights to give a fake moss look until the real moss takes it over.

Please give me some of your ideas of how I should finish the tank. I would really like attempt to maximize surface area for the frogs and plants while at the same time giving it a more natural look than a floating stream :p
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