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Hey all,

This account may be nearly a decade old but never had an introduction created. I'm returning to the hobby after being out for nearly 6 or so years. I've spent the last few months catching up on everything new in the dart scenes and working to get some builds going.

In my personal life, I'm nearing the end of medical school and living in SoCal - which is actually what brought me back into the scene; wanting a slice of the rainforest in this desert that I can sit back, watch, and enjoy.

Currently, I have several InSitu vivs planted that I'm allowing to become established before adding frogs. I've previously kept/bred leucomelas and Epipedobates anthonyi SI; the current tanks will likely be home to some Ranitomeya.

Anyways, I'm glad to be back and am appreciative of the shared knowledge and love of darts on this forum!
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