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I'm new to the forum but not building vivariums. I just built a 32 gallon vert for my crested gecko, Kanji :) and i love it. I wanted to expand to tree frogs.

I have a huge tank for RETFs (my tank is 48x18x25.5). I was looking for a semi paludarium feel, no fish. I wanted the center to be a peninsula coming out of the background. I wanted to have a visually appealing ground with levels, hides and niches since I'm thinking about adding PDFs in the future. (I know about the mixing species debate and I'm not here to add to that fire). I just got done with the background. It starts about 6 inches up. Now for my question. Is it possible to have a peninsula without using a false bottom technique and how?

I've read some stuff saying to add silicone to screen and it should hold the water out. On the inside i was gonna do the normal Hydroton bottom and substrate.
any suggestions? anything is appreciated.

p.s ill add pics if requested
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